Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking a break

Hi Everyone,
I hope you've been enjoying the postings that I've been doing for the past month or so. I'm going to take a break from this for a while to compile a burial listing from Taylor Cemetery in West Brownsville, Washington Co. This listing will be a combination of two listings that were done previously - one in 1937 about a year after a tornado badly damaged the Taylor Methodist Church and the huge McCutchin monument that was in Taylor Cemetery, and the second listing which was done in 1976. It will also contain photographs of many stones that I took just a few years ago. This listing will be posted to the website when it is done.

Once I've finished that, I'll get back here to post some more articles, obituaries, anniversaries, etc from Washington Co.



Jim said...

Jonathan Knight was my great great great grandfather. His wife was Anne Heston not "Nancy". I have recently begun writing the book of his interesting life which I have been researching for for some time. Of interest is the fact that his grave was the first to have an identified marker. Long time associates felt contrary to Friends beliefs that his grave should be identified, but the when first placed it was removed several times, replaced and then finally became a fixture. Also he platted/surveyed Beallsville.

Debbie Day said...

Hi Jim,
My grandfather Heston Hill told me that he was named in honor of the Heston family although I'm not sure what the connection was. I'd be interested in buying a copy of your book when you're done - it sounds intersting.

Jim said...

Your grandfether's name sounds familiar. Was he somehow involved with the Washington, Pa schools in the 1950's? Second, did he have quaker ancestory? The Heston's came from the West River, Md meeting. I am trying to piece together how JK met AH and where.