Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beallsville Website down

I just wanted to let you know that the Beallsville Cemetery website is down temporarily. There was some maintenance done on the server earlier in the week and it didn't reconnect to the network. It should be up and running again on Monday sometime. I have been adding a listing of burials for Taylor Cemetery along with many tombstone photographs that I've taken there.

At least once this fall before the weather turns bad, I'm planning a trip down to Beallsville to do a massive "photo shoot" and try to get as many more tombstone photos and transcriptions done in several cemeteries as is humanly possible in one day and I'm dragging my husband along to help. That should keep me busy for the winter getting those all posted to the website and blog.

I also have some more photo albums from my grandfather that I want to scan. I seem to be missing a whole group of obituaries that I have transcribed copies for but didn't find the originals in the last batch of scrapbooks so there must be one that I missed in the many, many boxes of family records. I'll be on the lookout for that as well.

As always, if anyone has anything that they would like to contribute to either this general Washington County Blog or to the Beallsville Cemetery website (which is growing to encompass several other area cemeteries) I'm happy to post your contributions. Many people have sent me wonderful old photos of ancestors buried in Beallsville along with obituaries, family connections, etc. These things have added greatly to the deapth of information on the website and helps to make the site more personal instead of just a collection of names and dates. Thanks to everyone who has sent items in !!

Bye for now.

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