Friday, October 10, 2008

Research Sources - Catalogs and Directories

14. Michaels, Carolyn Leopold, Kathryn S Scott, and Daughters of the American Revolution. DAR Library Catalog. Washington, D.C.: NSDAR, 1982-1992.

Volume 1 lists family histories and genealogies. Volume 2 lists state and local history records. All of these publications are available at the DAR research library in Washington DC. The DAR Library in DC is one of the premier libraries in the country for conducting genealogy research so a catalog of their holdings is very helpful.

15. Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Libraries. Library Development Division.; State Library of. 2006 Directory of Pennsylvania Libraries Harrisburg, Pa: Pa. Dept. of Education, Commonwealth Libraries, Library Development Division, 2006.

Includes names and addresses of libraries in Pennsylvania. Many libraries have genealogy sections. This is a good way for genealogists to locate libraries that may have resources for study.

16. Thurston, George H. Directory For ... Of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Cities : Birmingham, East Birmingham, South & West Pittsburgh, Temperanceville, Manchester, Duquesne and Lawrenceville Boroughs, East Liberty, and Parts of Pitt and Collins Townships Pittsburgh, Pa: George H. Thurston.

Includes names, addresses, and occupations of people who were employed or considered head of household in Pittsburgh. Also includes business directory, name of owner and address; business ads, directory to public institutions, hospitals, public buildings, public schools, churches, railroads. City directories are one of the most frequently asked for resources for genealogy research.

17. Wheeler, Mary Bray. Directory of Historical Organizations in the United States and Canada Nashville, Tenn: American Association for State and Local History, 1990.

Arranged by state, then county. Gives name of institution, contact info, type of agency, programs, collections, hours. Same info for Canada

18. Program, American Historical Association. Institutional Services. Directory of History Departments and Organizations in the United States and Canada. Washington, D.C.: American Historical Association, Institutional Services Program, 2000.

Comprehensive directory of historians in the United States and Canada and the departments and organizations in which they work. This is good source for finding someone who may specialize in the history of the area that you are researching. You could then look for books or publications written by that person.

19. Polk's Pittsburgh (Allegheny County, Pa.) City Directory. Edited by R.L. Polk & Co. Pittsburgh, Pa.: R.L. Polk & Co.

City Directories are a great source of genealogy information. They contain the names of head's of households residing with in the city and the name of business owners and people employed along with their address and occupations. There are directories of business and their locations. There are advertisements as well.

20. Polk's Washington (Washington County, Pa) City Directory. Pittsburgh, PA: R.L. Polk & Co., 1896-2002.

same as above. Many large cities have these city directories. They go back quite far, long before there were telephone books and yellow pages.