Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whew !!

Well it is now the end of June and so far I have posted just over 100 obituaries, wedding announcements, funeral cards, misc articles, anniversaries, birthdays, and photos ! Whew ! I am almost to the end of the second scrapbook so that means there are probably another 100 or so items yet to come. I haven't scanned them yet so I'm not sure of the exact count.

I have heard from some of you who have found some useful information in all of these postings so that's great. As you have seen, many of these things do not have the date that they appeared in the paper. I know that from the age and birth dates in the obituaries you can do a little math and at least come close to filling in the missing information but please feel free to jump in with dates for any of these that belong in your family. I am really going to push to get these all done by the end of summer because then I have to go get back to classes at Pitt and between that and work, my time will be limited again. I also want to get back to posting to the Beallsville website.

That's it for tonight. I'll be back at it tomorrow !!

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