Sunday, July 25, 2010

more additions to the Beallsville website

Last night I finished posting the 1977 - 1981 name indexes. I also added about 50 more obituaries to the 730 that I had added last month. It is amazing how many of these I've been able to locate in the online newspaper database on If only they would digitize the Washington Observer Reporter newspaper, I'd be in business !

Another good resource for newspaper articles (and one that is free) is Google. Just go to the "news" tab and start your search. I have actually found quite a few there as well. Portions of old Pittsburgh Post Gazettes are available there.

I haven't had much time for genealogy research or blogging lately since I've been spending as much time on the Beallsville website as I can in an effort to finish it up. Now that I have all of the tombstone photos taken, I'd like to get them posted soon.

I have also started working on the next years of the name index. I almost have 1982 - 1984 transcribed and will be ready to add those to the indexes soon. The interment listings that I have scanned images of, stop at 1994 so there are only about 10 more years to go and that part will be completed.

Hope all of your summer research projoects are going well. Thanks again to everyone who is sending me photos, article, obituaries, etc for the site. Keep 'em coming ! They are great additions.

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