Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed in

Well, we have been snowed in since Saturday (it is now Wednesday night) so I have been able to get alot done on the Beallsville website. I updated the Washington County Death records Volume 2 and am up to the "S" names. I should be able to finish going through the list next week and be able to post the rest of the list soon after that.

I also uploaded a partial interment listing for Buckingham Cemetery along with the photos that I have of some of the tombstones.

I spent alot of time on updating existing pages in the website, making corrections, fixing broken links and connecting more of the information to individual personal pages (tombstone, interment listings, lot owner books, plotmaps, obituaries, etc) I'm hoping this makes things easier to locate.

I still have about 200 pages of Lot Owner Book 2 to rescan and upload. I lost the original jpg files for this book ! Fortunately I had hard copies that I can rescan and load. I am blocking out addresses and phone numbers on these pages however because they are more recent and I would like to protect living people's privacy. This is taking a bit more time so progress is slow.

Back to work tomorrow - snow days are over - even though the snow isn't over.

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