Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New section of Beallsville Cemetery

The last few weekends in Pittsburgh have been beautiful so I did what any logical person would do - and spent them in the cemetery ! I mapped section K and have started to post those plotmaps and photos to the Beallsville Cemetery website. I am also almost done posting the BC section. I've started to arrange the photos for the L section but still have to go back a few times to the cemetery in order to draw the plotmaps. I was saddend to see some of the very old stones in the oldest section of the cemetery have broken in half or have been damaged by the weather, and some of the other stones in other section that were in danger of tipping over due to sunken graves, have finally fallen. This makes me even more grateful that I was able to get photographs of these before these thing happened.

On the whole the cemetery looked very nice - grass mowed and trimmed, veteran flags up, bushes that had started to grow out of control have been trimmed way back so you can see some of the tombstones they were hiding. They are trying so hard to take care of this large cemetery on a very small budget so I am always thankful to them for caring so much about what they do.

I still have more information to post here to the blog so stay tuned !

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