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East Bethlehem Township, Washington Co., PA List of Voters 1852

In one of the boxes of family history "stuff" that I inherited from my Grandfather Hill, was a small booklet that was handwritten and contained a list of voters for East Bethlehem Township, Washington Co, PA for 1852. I sent scanned images to a distant cousin of mine who is a local historian for that area of Washington Co and he put together a typed transcript of the names along with a forward explaining the list and the background. A copy of this list can be found at Citizen's Library in Washington PA. The following is the forward and the list. Maybe it will help with someone's research. Make sure you check the end of the list as there are names that were added at the end of the booklet and they are not in alphabetical order.

The names on the following pages are of the registered voters of East Bethlehem Township, Washington County, PA. 1852. They were found in a small booklet in the pssession of Debbie Hill Day, great great great granddaughter of David Ruble. David Ruble (1800 - 1870) resided on Barneys Run Road in what is now Centerville Borough formerly a part of East Bethlehem Township. This booklet was in a box of old papers, pictures, etc. that came from David Ruble's estate. No doubt David Ruble was involved with the election board in 1852.
As one reads this list of names, keep in mind that not all the adult male residents of East Bethlehem Township were registered to vote just as you will find in the lists of today. Also the boundaries of East Bethlehem Township changed from time to time since its formation in 1790. The town of Millsboro was set off as a bourough in 1840 and did not become a part of East Bethlehem Township again until 1878 when Millsboro Borough was dissolved. Centerville Borough and Deemston Borough were later created out of East Bethlehem Township reducing considerably the size of the Township as we find it today.
We are indeed indebted to Debbie Hill Day, daughter of David Hill and granddaugther of the late Heston Hill, for sharing the information in this little booklet that we might copy it and prepare for the use of the general public working on genealogy in this area. We believe it is another tool in genealogical research. We found it very helpful and interesting as we hope you will.
Yvonne Frank Liberatore
W. Floyd Gillis


Alexander, Andrew
Allison, William
Adams, George W.
Arnold, Michael
Arnold, Robert


Brooks, David
Bowser, Michael
Bowser, David
Bane, John
Butler, Peter
Bane, William
Bane, Seth
Buckingham, William
Ball, George
Ball, William
Buffington, Joseph
Buffington, John
Baker, Enoch
Beall, Zephaniah
Beall, John P.
Beall, Joshua
Beall, Charles
Beall, Neal G.
Barnhamer, Nathan
Barnhamer, John
Bane, Sebastian
Bane, Joseph
Bane, Garret
Bishop, David
Bishop, Isaac
Beall, William
Beatty, Thomas
Bishop, Harrison
Beall, Thomas
Baker, Hiram
Beall, Samuel
Boram, Richard
Butts, Eli
Bradley, Thomas
Bane, James
Baker, Nehemiah
Brown, Harrison I.
Brock, James
Blackburn, Abel
Blackburn, William
Brock, Parsons
Bentley, Joseph
Bishop, Thomas
Bishop, Salem
Blackburn, David
Bishop, Andrew
Beuley, Amos
Booth, William
Barr, Jeremiah
Buckingham, William
Baker, Aaron
Bishop, James
Blackburn, John
Binns, Edwin
Boyd, George
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Aaron L.
Baker, John
Bane, Henry
Baker, Nehemiah
Bower, Benjamin
Bower, Charles
Barnard, Nathan
Boyd, William
Bennet, Henry
Burson, Edward
Baggs, Hugh
Barnard, Zephaniah
Bower, John K.


Corbet, John
Corbet, John Jr.
Crumrine, Solomon
Crumrine, George
Crumrine, Jacob
Crumrine, William
Conn, Jacob
Crumrine, Daniel
Crumrine, Peter
Crawford, James C.
Cox, Jacob
Crumrine, Samuel
Combs, William
Cox, Jacob
Cox, Noah
Crawford, Henry
Conner, George
Craven, Reason
Craven, John G.
Craven, Job
Craig, James
Cornell, John
Chew, Rogers
Crouch, Elisha
Crouch, William
Conaway, John
Cleaver, Isaac
Crawford, Jacob
Crawford, William
Craig, Samuel
Cleaver, Isaac N.
Cleaver, Sheshbazzar
Cotton, William
Crossdale, Joseph
Chaney, John
Cleaver, John
Cleaver, James H.
Cope, Oliver
Crumrine, John
Crumrine, Abraham
Chessround, Elias


Dalbey, Enoch
Davis, John
Degood, Aaron
Dawson, Levi
Dunson, John
Dorsey, James V.
Deviney, John
Deems, Jacob
Dutton, John
Davis, Joseph H.
Dotson, David
Dales, Henry G.
Dales, John
Daugherty, John
Daugherty, Samuel
Donagho, Alex
Dalbey, Israel
Dalbey, Albert
David, Joseph
Donagho, John

Edlingshaffer, George
Edlingshaffer, John
Ewart, John
Ewart, Hosiah
Ellwood, William
Ellwood, Robert
Evans, Jacob
Elliott, Jackson
Elliott, Samuel
Evans, Thomas

Filson, Archibald
Fogle, Francis
Freeman, William
Fisher, William
Floyd, William
Farquhar, Joseph

Garee, Abraham
Garee, John
Garber, Cornelius
Greenfield, Nelson
Golden, Abraham
Golden, Stephen
Greenfield, Asberry
Greenfield, James
Gillis, Robert
Greenfield, William
Good, Jacob
Gillis, William
Grable, George W.
Geho, George
Gapen, --------


Hawthorne, James
Hupp, George
Hupp, George, Jr.
Hawkins, James C.
Harden, John
Hill, William w.
Hawkins, William
Hill, John W.
Hill, William H.
Horn, John
Huffin, Samuel
Hill, William
Hawkins, Absalem
Hill, Thomas H.
Hawkins, Robert
Hout, William G.
Hawkins, Goden
Horton, John
Horton, Thomas
Horton, Charles
Harrison, William
Huston, John
Hand, Samuel
Hilland, Jacob
Hill, Henry
Holmes, Andrew
Hetherington, James
Hartley, David
Hart, William
Hartley, Peter, V.
Hartley, Roger
Hormell, John
Harry, Lewis
Hartley, Peter
Harrison, G.
Harrison, Joseph
Holmes, Michael
Harford, William
Hancock, Joel
Hancock, William
Hill, George
Hormell, William
Horner, Kent
Harford, Thomas
Harford, John M.
Howe, John

John, Mordecai
Jordan, Jeremiah
Johnson, Joseph


Keys, Enoch
Keys, Parker
Kenworthy, Jesse
Kennedy, James
Knight, Oliver
Kutchen, Thompson
Knight, William
Knight, David
Keys, Abraham


Litzanburg, William
Lowman, Gustavus
Lynch, John
Linton, Joseph
Linton, William
Litton, Edmund
Litton, John
Lewis, Joseph
Linton, Henry
Linton, David
Linton, Hiram
Locy, Abner

Morton, Moses
Morton, Joseph
Miller, John
Miller, James
Morgan, John
Morgan, Andrew
Moore, Joseph
Morton, John
Mitchner, Benjamin
Mitchner, Neal
Morton, Stephan
Matthews, William
McGuire, John
McGinnis, John
Morton, Bennet,
Matthews, William, Jr.
Morris, Samuel
Morton, Joseph
Morton, John
Miller, Morgan
McDonaugh, John
Matthews, Nelson
Mitchell, John
McMath, John
McGirr, Joseph
Mason, Richard
Mason, William
Miller, Joseph
Mason, William
Marlott, Reason
Mayhorn, Nathan
Mitchell, David
Marsh, Milton
McDonald, John
McKay, David
McJunkin, James
Moffit, John
McCutcheon, Samuel
McCutcheon, James
McCune, Jesse
Mitchner, Milton
Murdock, Simon
Morris, Jesse I.
Mitchener, Sebastion
McCleland, Elias
Mitchner, Uriah
McCurdy, Robert
Middleton, Thomas
Moore, William
Middleton, James
Major, Ebenezer


O’Harra, Charles


Purcell, James
Powell, Albert
Pyle, Curtis
Pence, Benjamin
Phillips, Elijah
Phillips, William
Porter, George
Powell, Esau
Powell, Jephtha


Quail, Jesse
Queen, Elijah

Rheim, John
Richards, Joseph
Regester, James
Regester, John
Regester, Isaac N.
Regester, Jesse
Regester, William
Regester, Aaron
Rogers, John
Rogers, Samuel
Rogers, William
Richards, Jesse
Ruble, William
Ruble, David
Ridenger, George
Rankin, Paul
Rigg, Joseph
Rogers, Jeremiah
Regester, James
Ridges, Zebulon
Ridges, Jacob


Stull, Isaac
Simons, Daniel
Spindler, George
Spindler, William
Scott, Archibald
Shaffer, Jacob
Sargent, James
Snyder, Henry
Smith, Stephen
Smith, John
Sprowl, Thomas
Sinclair, Samuel
Smith, Reuben
Stathers, John
Stathers, Mark
Smith, Hiram
Smith, Albert
Smith, Edmund
Smith, Clarkson
Smith, John
Summers, Benjamin
Smith, Couzens
Smith, George
Smally, Nathaniel
Scott, William
Scott, Francis
Sincler, James I.
Sinclair, Phineas

Teagarden ,Abraham
Thompson, Isaac
Thompson, Jackson
Thompson, John
Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, John J.
Thompson, George
Thornburgh, Benjamin
Thornburgh, Benjamin, Sr.
Taylor, Caleb
Taylor, Charles
Thompson, John
Thistlethwaite, Samuel
Thistlethwaite, Thomas
Theaxton (Theakston), Thomas
Taylor, John J.
Theaxton (Theakston), Philip
Teal, Jonas
Thistlethwaite, Robert
Theaxton (Theakston), John
Theaxton (Theakston), William
Taylor, William
Thistlethwaite, Davis
Thomson, Charles

Vandegraft, Paul
Vandegraft, James
Vandegraft, James, Jr.
Vandegraft, Sampson
Vandegraft, John
Vandegraft, William

Wellington, Thomas
Wise, William
Walton, William
Willes, Robert
Woods, William
Weaver, Adam
Weaver, Solomon
Weaver, Joseph
Williams, John
Wilson, William
Woods, Daniel
Wolf, William
Ward, Thomas
Watkins, John
Watkins, Solomon
Watkins, Thomas
Williams, Joseph
Woodfill, John
Woodfill, Reason
Woodfill, William
Walters, Emmanuel
Watkins, Richard
Watts, John
Williams, David
Wise, Henry
Wise, Adam
Weaver, Jacob
Weaver, John
Woods, Charles
Wise, Jacob


Zollars, Demas
Zollars, George, Jr.
Zollars, George
Zollars, Samuel
Zollars, Solomon
Zollars, Neal

Bane, Andrew
McGowan, George
Mitchenor, Morrison
Stockwell, Jesse
Williamson, Davis
Allum, James A.
Minks, Henry
Vandgraft, Samson Q.
White, Hemmodlonce
Pett, John
Benedict, Cyrus
Brownfield, Craft
Queen, Hiram
Martley, Isaiah (Hartley ?)
Ewart, Josiah
Scott, Hiram
Meddal, James
Bishop, John
Carter, James
Crumrine, Neal
Murry, James
More, William
Hollance, William
Hormell, John, Jr.
Mill, Stephen (Hill?)
Ewart, Jackson
Williams, William
Bowser, George W.
Hoge, John
Smith, Solomon
Sharp, John
Gladden, Barney


Kay said...

Thank you for this transcription. I'm researching the Garee line and this gives me some leads.

Debbie Day said...

There are some Garees buried in the Fredericktown Cemetery - Cynthia, Isaac, Samuel and William. I can send you tombstone photos if you send me your email.