Monday, July 28, 2008

Caleb Leonard graves

This is part of the Veteran burial maps that were drawn in the 1930s as part of the Works Projects Administration. This is the oldest part of the cemetery and no written records exist for this section. The only records that I can find are the tombstones themselves, many of which are worn and hard to read and some have fallen over face down. I also found a partial transcription done around 1936 by some members of a DAR chapter and that listing has some names for stones that can't be read or are no longer there. Then there is this 1930s veteran map. This map also has at least one stone marked that is no longer there - # 4

I have turned the drawing sideways because it matches the orientation of the maps I have drawn and it is easier to compare the two that way. Marker number 1 on the map above is for Caleb Leonard Jr. and corresponds to grave number 9 on my map below. It is just inside the stone entrance column for the cemetery. Grave number 21 is for William Leonard who died Dec 11, 1848 at the age of 82.
Marker # 4 above is for Caleb Leonard Sr. and is actually quite far away despite how close it looks on the map. Tha stone is no longer there but # 3 for George Snyder is still in the cemetery and that is how you can find the general are for the Leonard burial. If you go the the cemetery website, click on tombstones, then go to old section, then maps of old section at the top of the index page, then click through the maps you fill find # 53 George Snyder on map section # 3. (I have to find a better way of displaying the whole map. You can print out the sections and tape them together to get a better idea of the locations)

Caleb Leonard - Pennsylvania - PVT in Wash County Pa Mil Rev War July 17, 1845

Both Caleb Leonard Jr and Sr. were Revolutionary War veterans and I am hopeful that someday we will be able to find Sr's grave stone maybe just beneath the surface of the grass. I would love to be able to have it put back up and marked with a Revolutionary War marker. Since I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, that would mean alot to me to be able to find and restore a tombstone for one of our Patriots. Anyone else out there with any information about the possible whereabouts of the missing stone, I would love to hear from you.

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